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Podiatristry Science

According to Podiatry science a feet have different curves and curvatures, which has specific purpose of keeping balance and having grip. A pair of shoes should be complimentary to the feet. The material of construction of shoes also plays a very important role in the comfort level of work shoes.

A Podiatrist’s job start first with Designing of a perfect or an ideal feet model considering in mind the infinite numbers of curves, curvatures, muscles, nerve joints, bending movements and various griping portion at bottom. This specially designed feet should also represents the masses in common as every individual feet has unique shape and every geography in the world has unique type of feet. As per final user geography the feet dimension are finalized.

Shoe Technologists

Designing a Last is the most crucial part of shoe making. Feet have most complex bone structure and joints with innumerable movements hence the comfort level of shoe depends on the correct designing of the Last.

Other than keeping in mind the comfort level of the shoes, while crafting the same, it is equally important to consider the durability and the strength aspects. A workman’s shoes passes through rigorous torture. Against such indifferent usage the work shoes have to last and hold together for economic reasons.
Wings uses highest quality of components such as best non woven lining, eyelets, laces etc..

Why use high quality components ?

High quality brass eyelets that went through oxidization process for anti-rust. Long lasting shoelaces blended with 40% cotton & 60% polyester which exceeds the minimum requirement of 40 kg/cm. Imported breathable lining in Vamp & Quarter for odour free anti-bacterial wear. Full insole board for anti-bacterial and anti-static properties. Wings uses imported steel toe cap certified with En345 mark. Why use steel toe cap meeting 200 joules impact test requirement ? Because Wings believes in Your Safety.
It is equally important that perfect geometry is followed by the Perfect Components. We give here the scientific reason as to the use of specific construction material in crafting the Wings range of workman shoes for perfect economies.
Wings uses best tanned 2.0mm (German DIN S3 standard) leather for uppers for the highest level of performance.

Why Genuine leather ?

Because of the breathability Healthy foot, No bad odour, Soft and comfort.

Leather Technologists

It is the appearance of the shoe which in the end is deciding factor for the quality of the shoes. Aesthetically right shoes has to have correct selection of leather and perfect treatment for the same.

Chemical Engineers

P.U. material is definitely not a common versatile polymer but a specialized Engineering Polymer synthesis to the perfection for the very definite requirement. Chemical Engineer’s job is to have the right kind of P.U. Polymer for your sole.
Wings shoes are created in a fully automated upper unit from clicking machines to sewing machines to sole stitching machines and the Direct Injection P.U. is moulded with the help of the state-of-the-art imported 82 Station Machine. The above operations are manned by most experience persons in shoe making. Wings employs the best human technology in form of Designers, Chemist, Engineers etc….

The Wings STUDIO

Customized solution to Shoes

Today safety shoes have seized to be mere utility object. Workers want aesthetically appealing desings in shoes. We at Wings invite all to our,one of a kind, first in India, world class Shoe Designing Studio to make shoes as per your likes and fancy. We at Wings Shoes assure you of providing self designed safety shoes as per desired specifications within 48 Hours.

Steps to making your own safety shoes

  • Decide your requirement
  • Make Core Team for making Safety Shoes comprising Safety Officer, Users & Purchase Team
  • Take Out Time & Arrange Appointment At Wings Studio
  • Brief The Experts at Wings Studio about your exact requirement about specification, style, comfort level and cost
  • Select right kind of Safety features
  • Select right components with the advise of the experts
  • Select right options of styling and comfort
  • See making of your shoes and participate with experts
  • Test the shoes in laboratory
  • Take your self designed shoes samples for actual trials
  • Experience all control in your hand cost, comfort, safety and styling