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Safety Shoes are a necessity for certain Occupations and Outdoor Activities. Its important to protect our feet while being exposed to challenging work situations. Besides, we understand that comfort for your feet can't be comprimised. So, we adhere to Podiatry science in order to carve that perfect sole, interior cusioning and the exterior regions of the shoe among other subtle but important parts. Designing to Last is the most crucial part of shoe making. Feet have most complex bone structure and joints with innumerable movements hence the comfort level of shoe depends on the correct designing of the Last. We at Wings Shoes take utmost care of your feet while designing the perfect Safety Shoes.

Why choose us?

01. Our shoes are Durable.
Other than keeping in mind the comfort level of the shoes, while crafting the same, it is equally important to consider the durability and the strength aspects. A workman’s shoes passes through rigorous torture. Against such indifferent usage the work shoes have to last and hold together for economic reasons.
02. We follow Podiatry science in the process of Shoe making.
A Podiatrist’s job start first with Designing of a perfect or an ideal feet model considering in mind the infinite numbers of curves, curvatures, muscles, nerve joints, bending movements and various griping portion at bottom.
This specially designed feet should also represents the masses in common as every individual feet has unique shape and every geography in the world has unique type of feet. As per final user geography the feet dimension are finalized.
03. Our shoes are comfortable for all occupations.
It is equally important that perfect geometry is followed by the Perfect Components. We give here the scientific reason as to the use of specific construction material in crafting the Wings range of workman shoes for perfect economies.